Tricia Jacques

Tricia Jacques - PhysiotherapistTricia Jacques is a registered physiotherapist. Her athletic background and undergraduate degree in kinesiology led her to a career in physiotherapy.  Tricia is personally and professionally committed to helping you manage and resolve your physiotherapy related conditions.

She has a treatment style that includes professional skills, active listening and empathy for her patients. She considers the whole person when she assesses and treats. You can expect hands on treatment in addition to therapeutic exercises, education and acupuncture depending on what is most appropriate for you. Your treatment is always collaborative and will incorporate your goals. If you are seeking or receiving treatment from other healthcare professionals, Tricia will work closely with these professionals to maximize your outcomes.

Tricia’s professional education includes a  BSc Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, an MSc Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto, and she is currently enrolled in the MClSc in Manipulative Therapy at the University of Western Ontario.