Traveling During March Break

After a tough winter, many of you are looking forward to heading down south for some much needed sunshine and tropical weather.   March break traveling has notoriously been stressful, especially at the airport! Keep you and the family healthy (and sane) prior to arriving to your destination by keeping these 3 tips in mind:

1.  Check in early.  Many airlines provide the option to check-in online either through their website, or through their own mobile app to secure your seats, notify the airline of your baggage, and to get your boarding pass.  While you may have to wait in line at the airport to actually check-in baggage and verify your passport credentials, these lines are often shorter and move a lot faster.

2. Invest in rollable luggage.  Reduce strain on your back by investing in rollable luggage.  Lugging heavy baggage around (especially when rushed) can cause serious injury to your back, neck and shoulders.

3. Wear comfortable clothing.  Whether you are going to be standing on your feet, sitting in cramped spaces for extended periods, or running from terminal to terminal, have the proper footwear and dress comfortably to accommodate for the best and worst-case scenarios.

Safe travels!