5 Tips For A Healthy Back This Winter

Winter is here.  Keep these 5 simple, yet effective tips in mind as you navigate through winter’s many hazards.  Don’t let a bad back keep you from being active this winter!

1)      Dress for the weather.  Hats, gloves and scarves!  Layered clothing  also keeps muscles warm and your skin dry so you don’t get chilled.

2)    Shovel snow often and regularly. Frequent shoveling means moving smaller amounts of snow at once.

3)    Watch your weight.  Extra pounds, can cause and make back pain worse.  Integrate “lighter-eating” days into your festive celebration schedule.

4)     Warm up before activity.  Take time to warm up with overall conditioning followed by doing some simple stretching before engaging in moderate to intense physical activity.

5)    Take your time. Allow for more time to get to your destination. A fall on the ice can result in contusions, sprains, or even fractures and concussions.

Dr. Eva Chan